With an estimated 2 million affected by systemic sclerosis worldwide, prevalence of NASH expected to increase by 63% between 2015 and 2030; and IPF affecting as many as 14–43 people per 100,000, advancing disease-modifying anti-fibrotics is fundamental to helping these growing populations of fibrotic diseases.

Bringing together leading researchers from drug development, this timely and important meeting will benchmark candidate successes, comprehensively review what is known about fibrotic disease aetiology and challenge poor preclinical predictability currently limiting translation of anti-fibrotic efficacy.

Attending this industry driven forum will enable you to:

  • Leverage understanding of genetic pathways and subsets for patient stratification to optimize and inform clinical trial decisions
  • Outline opportunity for re-direction of candidates and what we know about common fibrotic pathways
  • Benchmark against case studies, emerging mechanisms of action and novel targeting candidates to gain foresight for your next 12 months of research

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