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TherapeutAix is a life sciences consultancy company based in Aachen, Germany, combining drug discovery and development expertise with a fully integrated R&D network, to deliver practical, cost and time effective solutions to drug discovery projects. It supports investors and project teams focus on the next step, progress the right assets through robust decision-making steps, with a clear line of sight to the next value-inflection point and the clinic. Since its formation in 2018, TherapeutAix has successfully conducted project reviews, developed strategies and operationalised programs for biotech, pharma and investors in fibrosis, NASH and other therapeutic areas.


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The development of better medicine begins with better disease models. Unfortunately, current in vitro models poorly mimic the pathophysiology of fibrosis, leaving a major gap in compound screening and testing efforts in anti-fibrosis drug discovery. Xylyx Bio’s native, disease-specific extracellular matrix substrates allow drug candidates to be investigated in vitro in a disease-relevant environment, enabling cell models that are significantly more predictive of human pathophysiology. Xylyx Bio products comprise both the mechanical properties and complex ratios of ECM components specific and unique to each organ type and disease state and are available in a variety of 2D and 3D product formats to support high-throughput assays.

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Biomodels LLC, a preclinical CRO, conducts predictive and translational studies for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the areas of fibrosis, pulmonary and inflammatory diseases, in addition to several other clinical indications. Biomodels specializes in (non-GLP) customized efficacy studies that optimize dose, schedule, and define mechanism of action. Additionally, Biomodels’ state of the art Germ-Free and Gnotobiotic animal facility allows for the analysis of the role of the microbiota both in disease pathogenesis and in therapeutic efficacy.