2020 Partners


Spotlight Partner:

Nordic Bioscience is a world-leading biomarker extracellular matrix specialist, which offers customized development of highly disease-specific biochemical markers for diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases. All this creating a new generation of Precision Medicine. Our goal is to assist our clients developing targeted treatments faster within Fibrosis, Immunology/Rheumatology and Oncology, more effectively, at a lower cost and with a more favorable risk-benefit ratio for patients and our clients through highly specialized biomarker services.



Exhibition Partner:

Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent provider of integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical resources and expertise, offering fully integrated discovery project support, as well as discipline specific support in medicinal chemistry, computational sciences, in vitro and in vivo biological sciences or DMPK. Sygnature undertakes target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects as well as complete drug discovery programs. Since 2011, 33 compounds discovered by Sygnature for clients have entered pre-clinical development and, so far, 16 of these have progressed to clinical trials (Phases I, II and III).