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7:30 am Conference Opens & Networking

Better Understanding of Biomarkers & Biological Mechanisms

8:00 am Lessons in Patient-Focused Drug Development

8:30 am Biomarkers & Precision Medicine in AntiFibrotic Drug Development

  • Eric White Director Clinical Development & Medical Affairs – IPF/ILD, Boehringer Ingelheim

9:00 am Non-Invasive Tests (NITs) of Fibrosis for Disease Staging, Prognosis, and Monitoring in Patients With Nash Fibrosis and Other Fibrotic Diseases

9:30 am Link of Disease-specific, Organ-specific Disease Initiation & Tissue Inflammatory & Fibrotic Responses in Different Fibrotic Diseases

Revealing Fibrotic Biomarkers & Endpoints in the Context of Ongoing Clinical Trials

10:00 am Morning Break & Networking

10:30 am Biomarker Lessons From Clinical Trials in Pulmonary Fibrosis

11:00 am Identifying & Refining Fibrosis Biomarkers to Better Inform Trial Design & Create Effective End Points

  • Toby Maher Director, Interstitial Lung Disease Program , USC

Hearing About Antifibrotic Drug Development From a Business Angle: What You Need to Know

11:30 am Panel Discussion: Business Development Perspectives on the Fibrosis Space

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Analyzing the Potential of the Next Generation of Therapies for Fibrosis & Antifibrotic Therapies Beyond Fibrotic Disease

1:00 pm What can Fibrosis Learn From the Oncology Space & How Can we Apply Learnings from Fibrosis to Oncology?

1:30 pm CAR-T Therapies for Targeting Fibrosis

  • Johnathan Epstein William Wikoff Smith Professor, Executive Vice Dean & Chief Scientific Officer, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

2:00 pm Lnc’ing Genomic Dark Matter to Next-Generation Antifibrotic Therapies

  • Samir Ounzain Chief Executive Officer & Scientific Co-Founder, HAYA Therapeutics

2:30 pm RNA based therapeutics for the treatment of fibrotic diseases

Lessons Learned from Rarer Fibrotic Indicators

3:00 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

3:30 pm Cardiac Fibrosis: What Makes it Tick?

4:00 pm Bone Marrow Fibrosis, Pathogenesis, Prognosis & Targeted Strategies

  • Rana Herro Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

Additional Bonus Content, Pre-Recorded & On-Demand

Addressing Pre-Clinical Drug Development Challenges in Skin & Lung fibrosis

• Chemically - induced model of fibrosis, their advantages and drawbacks

• Lost in translation: the need to incorporate clinically-relevant end points and therapeutic strategies

• Clinically relevant models of skin and lung fibrosis

Manipulating the Fibrosis Molecule – Linking Fibrosis & Cancer

• Discovering how fibrosis and cancer are linked in order to target the appropriate cellular signalling pathways

• Outlining how to use these pathways for antifibrotic and anti-cancer therapy

• Manipulating the fibrosis molecule for anti-fibrotic drug development: What does the future look like?

Harry Karmouty

Harry Karmouty

Assistant Professor
The University of Texas Health Science Center


anie philip

Anie Philip

McGill University