Returning November 5-6 2019
Cambridge, MA, USA


With almost 45% of all deaths in the developed world believed to be attributable to chronic fibroproliferative disease, pathological fibrosis is becoming increasingly recognised as a huge unmet medical need. Whilst clinical breakthroughs and successful results mean anti-fibrotics for NASH, IPF and CKD could be around the corner; there remains multiple challenges in anti-fibrotic drug development and a lack of arsenal against curatively slowing or reversing fibrosis.

The 3rd Anti-Fibrotic Drug Development Summit fills the gap as the only industry-dedicated forum for drug developers focused on organ-specific indications to participate in cross-disciplinary, multi-organ discussion and take away new insights into anti-fibrotic drug development research including:

  • Mechanisms of action and new targets for emerging candidates; alongside updates on leading advancements targeting integrins and TGFβ
  • Innovations in preclinical modalities to improve the clinical relevancy of engineered in vitro tissues and recapitulation of human disease in vivo
  • Applying genomics to inform clinical trial design and better understand population heterogeneity

Built from research with 20 of the leading experts in immuno-inflammation and fibrosis; the 3rd Anti-Fibrotic Drug Development Summit will enable you to evaluate key challenges in translating fibrotic mechanisms into clinically effective therapeutics with a tighter lens.

"Excellent opportunity to catch up with the field, hear other industry speakers present their work"


"Valuable to talk with other companies about approaches to challenging issues"


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