About Event

Welcome to the 5th Annual AFDD Summit

This unparalleled opportunity for drug sponsors to cross-pollinate, share lessons learned and draw common understandings together across organ fibrosis will equip you with key takeaways from understanding fibrotic mechanisms through to lessons learned in the clinic.

Join leading experts and get first-hand critical insights on:

  • Principles and progress of biomarker development for fibrotic disease from disease specific triggers to clinical trial design and monitoring drug activity and response to therapy with available pharmacodynamic and efficacy biomarkers
  • Practically closing the translational gap using new modelling systems and progresses recapitulating human liver and lung fibrosis preclinically
  • Harnessing immunotherapy, antisense technology and RNA therapeutics to achieve antifibrotic effect and understand key learnings of fibroblasts in the oncology space
  • Maximizing emerging targets including using genetic mutations and addressing senescence and regenerative medicine in the context of fibrotic disease
  • Delivering antifibrotic effect in more niche fibrotic disease with unmet medical need, including cardiac, ocular and bone marrow fibrosis to comprehensively evaluate the broader antifibrotic drug development opportunity