Returning for its 8th year, the Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit is the fibrosis community's premier event, uniting industry experts and key opinion leaders from Pulmonology, Hepatology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, Cardiology, and Gastroenterology.

As the field celebrates significant milestones like the first FDA-approved MASH therapeutic and rapid advancements in IPF and systemic sclerosis treatments, this summit offers unparalleled insights into the latest breakthroughs. Attendees will explore novel targets, innovative preclinical models, biomarkers, and early-stage clinical trials, making it the must-attend forum for advancing antifibrotic therapies and expanding therapeutic indications.


Discover Novel Therapeutic Targets: Gain insights from GRI Bio, Zenon Biotech, and AbbVie as they explore fibrosis beyond fibroblasts, examining immune cell cross-talk and other cellular interactions driving fibrosis.


Enhance Translational Confidence: Learn from Ochre Bio, AbbVie, and Stanford University's Joseph Wu about the next generation of preclinical models. These models more accurately mimic the chronic and progressive nature of fibrotic diseases, boosting confidence in your drug candidates.


Expand Your Pipeline: Boehringer Ingelheim and Novo Nordisk will share key considerations for target product profiles and strategies for pipeline expansion. Discover the driving factors behind progress and how to leverage them for future growth.


Develop Cross-Organ Therapeutics: Dive into the molecular mechanisms of fibrosis across different organs with experts from Pfizer and Novartis. Explore fundamental processes and advanced omics technologies to identify shared pathways for cross-organ therapeutic strategies.


Benchmark Your Candidates: Compare the latest preclinical and clinical advancements with Arda Therapeutics, Alentis Therapeutics, and Vicore Pharma.

What Can you Expect:

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60+ Expert Attendees from the Global Fibrosis Landscape

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20+ Carefully Curated Expert Speakers with Exclusive Insights

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6+ hours of Face-to-Face Networking and Collaborations

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3 Exclusive Preconference Discussion Led Workshops


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15+ Insightful Presentations by Field Leading Experts