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    • Reinvigorate your antifibrotic pipeline by dissecting applications of single-cell sequencing to identify the cell types and mechanisms driving fibrotic remodelling with Robert Lafyatis (University of Pittsburgh) and Johann Gudjonsson (University of Michigan)
    • Get involved in the discussion that will drive industry progress to transform clinical endpoints in fibrosis with the FDAAstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim, to enlighten your clinical pathway
    • Explore brand new pioneering perspectives on regenerative medicine and targeting senescent cells in fibrosis to promote tissue remodeling with Paul Noble (Cedars Sinai Medical Center) and David Lagares (Harvard Medical School), to strengthen your target identification strategies to reverse established fibrosis
    • Join the exclusive seminar day dedicated to driving discovery and clinical development for anti-stricture therapies in IBD with unmissable insights from Cleveland ClinicFerring PharmaceuticalsGenentech and Takeda, to kickstart your intestinal fibrosis program