Harnessing the Synergy Between Ageing & Fibrosis, & Exploring the Role of Targeting Senescence as an Antifibrotic Strategy

Time: 3:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Seminar Day


As the role of cell senescence in fibrosis is better understood, different perspectives have evolved on the value of targeting senescence as a therapeutic target. While targeting the abundant pro-fibrotic secretome presents a valuable antifibrotic tool, the possible implications of reducing the cancer-suppressing capacity of patients in targeting senescent cells must be considered. Are there modifiable senescence pathways or targetable subsets of fibroblasts that might reduce fibrosis without losing critical immunoprotected factors?

• Establishing to what degree senescent cells underly disease pathology in fibrosis
• Progressing knowledge of the interplay between macrophages and senescent cells and how this impacts cellular repair
• Understanding the ageing of progenitor cells and how this impacts disease
• Discovering less heterogenous targets that lie on the intersection between ageing and fibrosis to promote tissue repair and regeneration